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    According the proportion of flour、salt and water, mix them up and stir.

  • 2.Flatten and extend

    By flatten repeatedly to increase the tenacity of dough.

    Hua Shan Sing
  • Hua Shan Sing

    3.Wavy Noodles

    The unique wave shape makes the taste like hand-cut noodles. the middle of the noodle is thick and soft on both sides.

  • 4.Fold the noodles

    To fold the strips noodles into fan shapes by hand.

    Hua Shan Sing
  • Hua Shan Sing

    5.Sunbathing noodles

    It is the most critical process for making Guanmiao noodles, needs to pay attention to the change of weather, and turn the noodles repeatedly to make them fully absorb the sunlight.

  • 6.Packing

    Packing all the noodles manually.

    Hua Shan Sing
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